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Terms and Conditions:

1. For short-term rental to secure the reservation, the tenant must complete a 100% payment of total rental rate within 2 days after you have received the payment details from our official email: ,

All rates are calculated in Thai Baht. (The rates showing on website are indicative and subjected to change at anytime without prior notice. The rates might be changed during public holidays.)

Payment Process

1.1 Complete the payment by transfer 100% of rental amount to room owner’s account within 2 days. The total rental amount will be confirmed again together with payment details which will be given by our official email: ,
1.2 Confirm your payment by email copied of your transfer slip to ,
1.3 The company will confirm your booking by sending you a confirmation email which you have to print it out and bring it with you at the time of check-in.

2. During Online Booking

2.1 The booking name must be matched with Passport (for foreigners) or photo ID Card (For Thai customers) in order to allow check in.
2.2 If driving please notify us your car plate number and model in order to issue a temporary car park card at the residence.

3. For Check-in

3.1 Please contact rental office counter during operating hours 08.00 a.m. - 06.00 p.m. on weekday, 08.00 a.m. - 08.00 p.m. on weekend.
3.2 Show the valid photo ID card along with your confirmation email and make a deposit on key card of 1,000 Baht
(which can be refunded at the time of returning key card when check-out).
*These must be presented during check-in. Failure to do so may result in the reservation not being honored.*

4. Regular check-in time is 14:00 hrs. or later. Check-out time is 11:00 hrs. (no later than 11:30 a.m.).
All renters will be charged an extra 1,000 Baht per hour for a late check-out.

5. Cancellation and Change Policy

5.1 Cancellation is NOT accepted, no refund will be given.

5.2 Failure to arrive at the property will be treated as a No-Show and no refund will be given.

5.3 A request to shorten your stay before or after check-in, no refund will be given.

5.4 Any change to your reservation by the same unit MUST notify us 10 days before check-in.
After 10 days will result in the cancellation policy taking effect in which no refund will be given. You can change your check-in only ONCE. There will be a processing fee of 500 Baht.

5.5 We will not give any refund in any kind of cancellations.

6. All renters MUST follow My Resort Hua Hin's Rules and Regulations. Failure to do so will result in penalty fees or charges.

My Resort Family Condominium’s (Hua Hin) rules and regulations

1. Five persons is a maximum number of occupancy per room each day.

2. My Property will charge 300.00 baht extra per person per day whenever occupancy number is exceed the maximum allowance.

3. My Property reserves the right to check on the accuracy of a number of people in the room via CCTV.

4. Any child older than 12 years old shall be treated as an adult and charge as such.

5. Visitors are not allowed to use any of the common areas such as, swimming pools, fitness, etc.

6. All renters shall treat and use the premises with great care and avoid causing any damages neither to the room or to the facility.

7. All renters shall be responsible for any loss or damage/s to the room or the facility.

8. All illegal activities are prohibited.

9. No animals allowed on the premises.

10. No smoking in any of the rented room.

11. Nothing allowed in front of the door, (i.e. floor mat, and shoes).

12. Do not dry any clothing on the railing or out in the hallway.

13. Do not dispose sanitary pad, or left -over food in the toilet bowl.

14. Dispose of any and all trash properly (trash bins are available in the basement).

15. Refrain from any loud music or noises in order to preserve peace and tranquility of the vicinity.

16. Proper swimming attire is required in and around the swimming pools.

17. Shower is required prior to entering all swimming pools.

18. Dry oneself before reentering the building (to prevent any damage to the laminate, or accidental slipping).

19. All renters will be charged an extra 1,000.00 baht per hour for a late check-out.

20. Follow all standard driving rules while on the premises.

21. My Property will strictly enforce check-in and check-out time. Regular check-in time is 14:00 hrs. or later.
Check-out time is 11:00 hrs. on the check-out day (no later than 11:30 a.m.). An extra charge of 1,000 Baht per hour for a late- check out.
*** Failure to follow My Resort Hua Hin’s Rules and Regulations will result in penalty fined of 1,000 Baht each breaking Rules and Regulations and may be charged against the law.

7. Damage Policy

7.1 The renter accepts all risks and accidental damages or losses at the renter’s own responsibility in case of damage or losses to the properties/tenants’ assets/room owners’ assets arising from unusual activities or

7.2 There is no insurance for the damage or repair to the furniture and fixtures and electronic appliances. Tenants assume full responsibility and shall be charged for misuse of these items except for normal wear and depreciation of normal usage.
Therefore, the lessor shall be responsible for repair such broken items